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Canal boat Ondine Amsterdam

Canal boat Ondine

Incredibly beautiful and very luxurious authentic Amsterdam saloon boat Ondine built in 1909 on the famous Amsterdam ...

Canal barge Anna Maria Amsterdam

Canal barge Anna Maria

The Anna Maria is an amazing ship from Friesland dating from 1910 with a glorious history. Due to the specific and un...

Canal boat Marie Zurlohe Amsterdam

Canal boat Marie Zurlohe

The Marie Zurlohe is a jewel of a saloon boat from the year 1912. The ship belongs to one of the loveliest (smaller) ...

Canal boat HRH Amsterdam

Canal boat HRH

Introducing Amsterdam's most exclusive club and private dining room - HRH. Her Royal Highness is the only royal canal...

Canal barge Bota Fogo Amsterdam

Canal barge Bota Fogo

Canal Barge Bota Fogo is a classic barge dating back to the early 20th century. Nowadays equipped with all comfort an...

Open boat Barracuda Amsterdam

Open boat Barracuda

Open boat Manhattan is on the wharf until the 5th of March 2018. The boat Barracuda is a definite eye catcher in t...

Open boat Manhattan Amsterdam

Open boat Manhattan

Open boat Manhattan is on the wharf until the 5th of March 2018. The charming boat Manhattan is ideal for a nice b...

Self operated open boat Adam's Boat Amsterdam

Self operated open boat Adam's Boat

Cruise the canals like a local with an Adam’s boat. With these robust electrically powered boats you can discover Am...

Gondola "Gondel" Amsterdam

Gondola "Gondel"

Are you looking for something special, something romantic, something that you and your partner will never forget? Tak...

Canal boat Zonneboot Amsterdam

Canal boat Zonneboot

The 'Zonneboot' is the ideal boat for discovering Amsterdam from the canals. She's a beauty to the eye with her teak ...

Dinner on board
Dinner on board Amsterdam
was: €65.00 now: €56.50 p.p.
Christmas dinner boat tour
Christmas dinner boat tour Amsterdam
was: €75.00 now: €62.50 p.p.
Happy Hour canal cruise
Happy Hour canal cruise Amsterdam
was: €35.00 now: €29.50 p.p.
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Canal boat De Tourist Amsterdam

Canal boat De Tourist

Classic canal boat De Tourist is a floating monument and considered by many as a floating piece of art. With a series...

Canal boat Raw Ferry Amsterdam

Canal boat Raw Ferry

The contemporary Raw Ferry, designed together with G-Star, is an impressive boat that will definitely impress your gu...

IJ boat Prins van Oranje Amsterdam

IJ boat Prins van Oranje

IJ boat the Prins van Oranje, was built in 1908 and has recently been completely renovated. She has the glamour and ...

Canal cruiser Staets Amsterdam

Canal cruiser Staets

The boats have a modern exterior and also a very modern, fresh and bright interior. The interior design is flexible –...

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A perfect boating packing for every occasion

Looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam? Book a lovely Amsterdam canal cruise? Explore Amsterdam from a different perspective?

Rent a boat and spend your day on the water exploring the canal belt and historic city centre. Be your own skipper or rent a fully staffed boat. We offer the package you are looking for.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam is keen on providing the boating service matching your specific requirements. Whether it is a private or company outing. A cruise by itself or luxury 6-course dinner cruise. From cocktail workshops to floating meeting room and wedding parties. Rent A Boat Amsterdam offers the package you are looking for and is committed to making sure the cruise you want is the best it could possibly be.

We are committed to assure you with the best possible service

Rent A Boat Amsterdam offers the most extensive fleet of rental boats in Amsterdam and offers a wide range of boat types enabling you to simply pick the one that suits your occasion best.

We are a one-stop-shop offering self operated open boats to large vessels capable of carrying up to 500 persons. That said, Rent A Boat Amsterdam has organized Amsterdam canal cruises for thousands of private and corporate events and for the widest variety of occasions you can think of. The Rent A Boat Amsterdam team is happy to share our experience and the experience gathered by our customer feedback program with you to offer you the best possible service at all times.

The one-stop-shop concept combined with our experienced advisory team and our lowest rate guarantee is unique in Amsterdam. On top of this we charge no booking fee or administration fees. Simply contact us with your boating plan and we offer the canal cruise you are looking for.

Which boat should I choose? Use our checklist!

To pick the boat that is the perfect match with your specific requirements you will find yourself looking at (too) many options to choose from. But which Amsterdam rental boat is the one for you?

What kind of boats are there available? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type boat and which advantages do you find most important? The number of boats for rent in Amsterdam has increased quite significantly of the past years making it even harder to decide.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam is committed to helping our customers with this decisiontaking and has drafted up the following checklist based upon our experience and those of others that have been so kind to provide us with useful feedback.

  • What facilities are important to me and I will I find this on board? Think about: Toilet, heating, sound system and bar.
  • Is the boat suitable for the weather I expect? Think of: Open versus covered, the presence of heating, the possibility of opening the windows and the presence of a stern deck.
  • Where can I board free of charge and what are the expenses when I would like to board at an alternative location?
  • Am I allowed to self-cater the canal cruise and if so, what are the costs involved?
  • Do I have a clear overview of all costs or are there any hidden costs? Think about: Staff (skipper, host (ess)), taxes (VAT and entertainment fee), call out charge, catering charges and costs of self catering.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam strives to present you with a great handpicked selection of boats Amsterdam has on offer and provides you with the possibility to compare all boats in as much detail as possible enabling you to make the best possible choice. An answer on the majority of the above mentioned issues can be found on the boat specific detail pages within this website. Browse around, compare, read customer feedback and select your perfect boat. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information or a quotation.

What type of boat should I choose?

You are looking for a rental boat in Amsterdam. But the type of boat that you would like to rent is not clear. This is not uncommon. Please find an explanation of the boat types below.

To distinguish the boats we have on offer we have used the following names: Y boat, classic canal boat, open boat and canal barge:

IJ boat: Named after the big water behind the central station. Y boats are boats that are suitable for larger groups and that, due to their size, cannot pass the bridges within the city centre of Amsterdam. The boarding location of these boats are either on the IJ or the Amstel river, but their cruising area is restricted to the IJ, IJsselmeer, Amstel, North Sea canal and upon request the Vecht river.

Canal barge: The canal barges are classic boats originally built as freight carriers sailing the Dutch canals. Nowadays they are completely refurbished to serve as boats taking you and your guests through the Amsterdam canals. Perfectly suited to carry larger groups and can, in contrast to the IJ boats, pass the lower bridges in the city centre.

Classic canal boat: The classic canal boats are the most common boats on the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website and range from small 12 person boats to 55 person boats. The classic canal boat is the boat for you if you are looking for an exclusive cruise in style. Despite their name most of the classic canal boats are equipped with all modern facilities.

Open boat: The open boat is the most popular boat during the summer months. These boats are open and therefore offer a lot of “experience”, but they have the disadvantage that there is no shelter or toilet. The open boats are considered by many the best way to view Amsterdam from the canals.

Canal cruise Amsterdam

Are you looking for a canal cruise in Amsterdam? When visiting Amsterdam a cruise through the canal belt is an absolute must. The canal belt is put on the UNESCO world heritage list, and for a reason!

It goes without saying that the best way to view this specific part of Amsterdam is by boat. Rent A Boat Amsterdam is the right choice when looking to book an Amsterdam canal cruise with your friends, business associates or family. For more info on canal cruises in Amsterdam through the lovely canal belt please visit: Canal belt on UNESCO World Heritage list

Tailor made boat tours in Amsterdam

Rent A Boat Amsterdam understands that a special occasion requires a attentive approach. Despite the wide variety of services offered through this website there are many possibilities that are not being mentioned. This, however, does not mean we do not provide these services. The opposite is true.

Advantages of made to measure packages with Rent A Boat Amsterdam

  • Experienced team: Our team has years of experience in providing boating packages fitted to meet your specific requirements
  • In depth knowledge of the market: We know all rental boats in Amsterdam as if they are our children
  • Extensive network: Rent a boat Amsterdam maintains a broad network of suppliers and know their experience with working on a boat
  • Good value: As market leader in Amsterdam Rent A Boat Amsterdam offers good value rates for all made to measure packages